Uganda risks a shortage of road fuels in coming weeks as trucked imports from Kenya are being affected by supply constraints due to the coronavirus pandemic - Frank Mugisha, petroleum ministry. By Namala Doreem & Robert Perkins

Stocks of diesel and gasoline in land-locked Uganda have been falling, according to Mugisha, because imports via Kenya's port of Mombasa have been reduced due to the global outbreak forcing some workers to stay at home.

Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda also depend on Mombasa for oil product supplies and could face the fuel shortages if issues with deliveries from the port are not resolved.

Uganda consumes about 5.4 million liters of fuel per day, the energy ministry said.

"Our quota has been reduced due to coronavirus disruptions. But the good news is that we are in talks with our neighbors to get the issues sorted as soon as possible to ensure we do not run out of supply of petrol and diesel in government reserves," Mugisha said.

He said the talks included an ongoing tax settlement with Kenyan authorities over loaded fuel trucks which is also delaying fuel imports.

Kenyan officials were not available for comment.

Uganda's Jinja fuel storage site in the eastern part of the country and in the capital city Kampala have a combined capacity of 30 million liters, enough for 15 days of demand, and supported by private storage facilities at petrol station locations.

A new storage site at Kawuku on the shores of Lake Victoria, due to be commissioned later this month, will add 70 million liters.

Uganda has sourced some fuel imports via Tanzania in the past as an alternative route.