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She kicked off the New Year with an environmental message and shared a post with multiple videos and photos, sharing her excitement over spending time at the Volcano National Park in Rwanda and getting to hang out with gorillas. By Maria Loreto – New York

Cabello loved the visit and said she “fell in love” with the country, its wildlife, and its people.

The post is made up of various videos and photos that show how happy Cabello is to be surrounded by nature and by majestic animals. “I never imagined in my wildest dreams i could one day hike in the rainforest and be able to… look in the eyes of a Silverback gorilla and literally bow in his presence,” she wrote in her post.

“And to know that we could have an experience like this and be able to share space with these noble giants, is all made possibly by people dedicated to their conservation and protection and to know that it was good for both wildlife and the local communities was CRUCIAL.”

“I fell in love with this place and the people we met along the way..(shout out to my friend Francois Bigirimana!!!) they have exponentially brought up the number of gorillas and are efficiently helping to save these precious creatures from extinction. Also we were able to visit Kigali and go to the Rwandan Genocide museum.”

Cabello shared a photo of herself at the National Park

“Rwandans are such compassionate, resilient, strong people. Literally feel like the luckiest person in the world to have gotten to experience this place, and it’s human people and non-human people aka Gorillas,” Cabello concluded her post.

Her photos and videos show Cabello shocked at the gorillas and they eat from trees, standing close to them and smiling at the camera. A photo shows her standing by one of the National Park’s posters, showing off the Gorillas. Cabello looks happy and holds up a sign that reads “I love gorillas.”

Cabello loves nature and the environment, and is an advocate for these causes, participating in concerts like Global Citizen and collaborating on a song with Hans Zimmer for the BBC documentary “Frozen Planet II.”

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