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EDINBURG UNIVERSITY, UK: Lord rector Debora Kayembe, « Rwandan genocide denial » at top .

EDINBURGH University has pledged to take action after its rector, Lord rector Debora Kayembe allegedly denied the Rwandan genocide.

Lord rector Debora Kayembe sparked outrage after claiming the current Rwandan president had « orchestrated » the genocide against the country’s minority Tutsi population, a position which the university said it « outright » rejects.

Peter Mathieson, the principal of the university sent a letter to the country’s high commissioner to the UK Johnston Busingye, in which he said the institution recognised « the hurt caused by the rector’s statements, and the extreme hurt and pernicious destabilisation that genocide denialism can cause to all Rwandans ».

In a now-deleted tweet, Kayembe (below) said: « Mr prime minister @BorisJohnson ; we’ve reach the bottom of evil ; should I remind you that the genocide of in #rwanda was orchestrated by #Kagame God luck with your plans ».

She was tweeting in reference to the UK Government’s widely condemned plans to send refugees to Rwanda to claim asylum there.

Mathieson wrote: « We recognise that the genocide against the Tutsi is a fact of history and represents one of the most appalling crimes against humanity committed in the course of history.

« We reject outright the notion that President[Paul] Kagame was in any way responsible ».

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