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BasiGo Enters Rwanda, To Deliver First Electric Buses By October

Kenyan electric bus startup BasiGo is expanding to Rwanda to roll out eco-friendly public transport systems there. The firm has partnered with AC Mobility, Rwanda’s provider of automated fare collection systems for public transport, to form BasiGo Rwanda Ltd. By Phidel Kizito

In the agreement, BasiGo and AC Mobility have signed letters of intent to pilot electric buses with Kigali Bus Service, Royal Express, and Volcano Express through their pay-as-you-go financing model.

Rwanda has led the way in creating an enabling ecosystem for E-mobility. BasiGo is proud to be partnering with AC Mobility, a technology leader in Rwanda’s transport sector, to help accelerate the transition to electrified public transport,” BasiGo Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder Jit Bhattacharya said.

« Electric buses will bring bus operators freedom from rising fuel prices while also dramatically reducing air pollution and CO2 emissions, » Bhattacharya added.

« Through our Pay-As-You-Drive model, we are excited to bring a complete E-Bus solution to make this technology affordable, accessible and convenient for all bus operators in Rwanda. »

The partnership comes after the Rwandan Government announced an initiative to convert 20 percent of the public bus fleet to electric by 2030.

« We are excited to partner with BasiGo to drive Rwanda’s public bus electrification, » AC Mobility Rwanda CEO Jones Kizihira said.

« The country has recorded rapid transformation, creating a need for a more robust and cost-effective public transport system, » Kizihira stated.

« The electric buses will help ease the cost burden of public bus transporters and advance Rwanda’s transition to clean mobility. »

Founded in 2021, BasiGo has been leading the way in the electrification of Kenya’s public transport system.

So far, it has sold 19 electric buses to public transport operators in Nairobi and secured reservations for over 100 additional buses.

BasiGo electric buses have driven over 460,000 kilometers and carried over 580,000 passengers.

It has also deployed Kenya’s first DC-fast charging stations for Electric buses.

BasiGo offers electric buses to private bus operators through a mileage-based leasing model called Pay-As-You-Drive, which makes them affordable for private bus operators to purchase and use.

Through this financing model, BasiGo and AC Mobility aim to deliver 200 electric buses to bus operators in Rwanda by the end of 2024.

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