Gaddafi's regime was based on some form of the rule of law, at least when compared to the lawlessness that prevails now.. Libya receives very little attention these days. Why did the international community collectively go wrong? By Amb. Hardeep S. Puri

Information about the displacement of President Habyarimana, was known by only his own senior commanders and heads of security as well as their French allies and defacto commanders. By Mwene Kalinda

What the war between Paris and Kigali over Habyarimana’s death tells us about the two nations. By Andrew M. Mwenda

Avec son «autobiographie», Nyangura affiche son révisionnisme et le proclame avec une outrecuidance qui pourrait faire sourire si le sujet n’était pas trop grave. Par A. Bitezabili (France)

Pourquoi les troupes de dizaines de pays – dont deux des plus puissants, les Etats-Unis et la Russie – sont actuellement actifs en Syrie ? Par Review oriental

« Monsieur le Président, vous avez courageusement – et tardivement – reconnu la responsabilité de la France dans le drame des harkis en 1961, abandonnés à leur sort par la France qu’ils avaient cru servir. Par Guillaume Ancel

Sustainable Development Goal is to be able to understand and measure poverty in all its forms and end it everywhere. The Rwanda’s case. By Milton Funes

Orderliness and rule of law make Kigali stand out among chaotic cities in the continent. There is an apparent commitment by the Rwandese to do things correctly by willingly following their own policies, laws and rules. By George Wachira