Gorilla trekking has become a lifetime experience. You see these primates in their natural habitat. You get to experience their behavior patterns. And you get to know man’s closest relatives. By Joseph Oindo

There are some funny characteristics of the mountain gorilla. A mountain gorilla is not going to chase you if you directly look into its eyes. But through natural instinct, they know when threatened and this is when they can become extremely aggressive. They will let out angry grunts and roars as they simultaneously thump their chests. They have to protect themselves and their families. We live in a natural world and its inhabitant’s natural instincts.
For many years, gorilla trekking in the Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Parks has become a lifetime experience for many tourists. You get the opportunity to see these primates in their natural habitat. You get to experience their behavior patterns. And you get to know man’s closest relatives.
But the bad news is that viewing time in Rwanda is only limited for one hour. And after spending your hard earned $1,500! Then you ask yourself how you are going to have some other exciting time after gorilla trekking in Musanze.

Red Rocks Cultural Centre, found in Nyakinama village, seven kilometers from Musanze town, has come up with an alternative package, named “After Gorilla Trekking Happy Hour,” running from 5pm to 8pm in which tourists and visitors can have alternative experience after their experience in the forests tracking the gorillas.
Red Rocks packages this new initiative as a way to relax after a weary day spent in the forest. Characteristically, the programme is also a way to entice the tourists to stick around Musanze and enjoy other seductive alternatives that Rwanda has to offer.
With its latest initiative, Red Rocks hopes to take tourists and visitors in a whirlwind tour of what Rwanda has to offer since, as Greg Bakunzi, the founder of the cultural center alludes, “the country is not all about the mountain gorillas,” the flagship of Rwanda’s tourism industry.
“As tour operators, we should market the country as a place you can come and enjoy its culture, deep-seated in its rich tradition and as a place you can come and relax, feel home away from home. Trekking the gorillas is going to take you only one hour but what next?” Bakunzi posits.
The new programme, according to Bakunzi, is going to provide tourists and visitors with an opportunity to see and experience authentic Rwanda culture like dance and music.
“Rwandan music and dances are quite unique. Its wide variety of performances still enthrall audiences in the 21st century as they did in the past at the court of the King with songs of bravery, courage, and triumph. Red Rocks has a group of traditional dancers that’s going to enthrall visitors with exhilarating Rwandan performances, and as a visitor, you are not only going to enjoy the performances but also learn the rich history of Rwanda’s past through artistic expression,” says Bakunzi, who is also the managing director of Amahoro Tours, also based in Musanze.
Do you want to practice your weaving skills, assisted by local community women? Well, with this programme your wish is going to be granted. You are going to be taken through the process of making Rwandan handicrafts famous for their sheer beauty. You weave along as you are guided by skilled local women. And what’s more, you’re going to take your own handcraft work as a souvenir!
And when you want to enjoy the country’s traditional beer, the women are going to take you through the whole process. What about enjoying drinking what you have made with your own hands?
Bakunzi says they also have an alternative relaxing initiative where visitors can enjoy watching movies of their choice, but is quick to add that visitors to Red Rocks should watch Rwandan movies, just for “cooling off.”
With this programme, you can also learn how to drum, shoot a bow, learn about traditional medicines right from the forests, and sit by the evening fireside as you share storytelling with the locals, while you also enjoy traditional beer as it used to be during the ancient days.
“And there are much more we offer at Red Rocks, including enjoying the hospitality of Rwandan people, synonymous with their ever charming smiles. In a nutshell, we welcome all tourists and visitors to enjoy the natural charm of Rwanda after their gorilla trekking excursion,” Bakunzi says.