The green, mountainous East African country provides the perfect combination of luxury, adventure and nature. After the horrible genocide in 1994, Rwanda starts recovering slowly, with its capital Kigali transforming into one of the most exciting destinations in Africa. By Laura Parvan 

According to the Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Rwanda will open the doors for travel efficiency, tech innovations, better infrastructure and upgrade of its hot spots until 2020.
The change is already visible, with the wildlife tourism developments related to mountain gorilla trekking, the new luxurious hotels in Kigali, rural safaris and international restaurants.
Also ranked to be the ninth-safest country in the world by the World Economic Forum, Rwanda is slowly becoming a touristic and economic hub in the area.
Moreover, a 292-room luxurious Radisson Blu hotel opened here in 2016. One InterContinental property, the grand Hotel des Milles Collines, The Manor, The Heaven, The Restreat and Swiss International's Villa Portofino also opened their doors to guests seeking for the adventure of Africa. In addition, cuisine and culture in Rwanda are also gaining popularity among travelers from other continents.
Wellness and wildlife watching in Rwanda are in the top of tourists’ preferences, with unique experiences ranging from $800 a night/per hotel room and $1,500 per mountain gorillas view permit.
If in search of an amazing trip along with your family and friends, maybe you should put Rwanda on top of your list for exotic destinations to visit in a lifetime.