Oly Ilunga, resigned on Monday in protest at the presidency’s announcement last week that it would take control of the response to the Ebola outbreak instead of his team. Business Day

In a resignation letter posted on his Twitter account, Ilunga decried « interference in the management of the response » to the outbreak, which is the second deadliest in history, the creation of parallel chains of authority and criticised outside pressure to deploy a second Ebola vaccine manufactured by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) over his objections.

Ilunga says the J&J vaccine has not been proved to be effective and that deploying a second vaccine would confuse people.

The company has said the vaccine, which has gone through phase 1 trials, is safe. He has overseen the nearly year-long response to DRC's latest Ebola epidemic, which is the second deadliest in history. It has killed more than 1,700 people and infected more than 800 others.