The Rwanda Administration is organising a Regional Workshop for Satellite Services Regulation to be held at Marriot Hotel in Kigali from 12th to 16th March 2018. PR

Satellite communication can significantly contribute to bridge digital divide especially in developing countries which are usually poorly equipped with terrestrial communication infrastructure. This can be achieved through the capability of Satellite to cover very large and remote areas with end-user equipment which are very easy to deploy.
However, we still lack knowledge and understanding of this sector especially the regulatory aspect of it. While developed countries have known a rapid development of satellite communication sector since the 70s, on our continent only a handful of countries have managed to launch their first satellites.
An establishment of a good regulatory environment is vital to develop the satellite sector.
The Rwanda Administration in collaboration with EACO, and with the assistance from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has organized a Regional Workshop for Satellite Services Regulation to be held at Marriot Hotel in Kigali-Rwanda from 12th to 16th March 2018.
The workshop will focus on satellite filing and coordination regulations. Participants will have an opportunity to be trained on the use of some software tools used by experts of the Radiocommunication Bureau (BR) of ITU and Administrations in the process of filing and coordination of the satellite networks.
The workshop will be a significant step toward addressing the above mentioned gaps.
The proposed workshop is expected to:
 Raise awareness of participants on satellites regulatory issues especially those related to satellite filing and coordination;
 Cover the current regulatory framework for international frequency management and the ITU-R Recommendations and best practices regarding the use of spectrum for space services, including basic training on ICT tools developed by ITU for frequency notifications for those services and for the technical examinations.
 Get a hands-on experience with ITU notification procedures as well as with the software and electronic publications made available by the Radiocommunication Bureau to the Administrations of Member States and to the ITU-R Sector Members.
 provide an overview of key WRC-19 agenda items related to satellite regulatory issues especially Agenda Item 7.
 Provide an overview of key WRC-15 outcome related to satellite.
Targeted group:
Experts from the following groups should attend the workshop:
- The ICT sector regulators
- Policy makers from Ministries responsible for ICT;
- Mobile operators
- Members of the National Preparatory Committees for World Radiocommunication
Conference 2019 (WRC-19)
- Satellite communication operators, and
- Other spectrum users.
The workshop content/Topics:
The workshop will cover the followings:
- An overview of all satellites issues focusing on common heritage issue;
- Satellites filing and coordination procedures for:
o Unplanned satellite networks
o Appendix 30/30A of the Radio Regulation
o And Appendix 30B of the Radio Regulation
- Hands-on training on tools (software) used in satellites filing and coordination;
- Overview of WRC-19 Agenda Items related satellite issues especially Agenda Item 7;
- Overview of key WRC-15 outcome related to satellite regulatory issues;
- Overview on current and future trend of satellites communication technologies.
Expected outcomes of the workshop:
At the end of the workshop the participants should:
- Understand well the all satellites issues and know the rights and limitations of an administration over its allocated satellites resources;
- Being capable of making a thorough analysis of WRC-19 agenda items on satellites
issues especially Agenda Item 7;
- Understanding well filing and coordination process of unplanned and Ap30/30A/30B
satellite networks and being able to appropriately respond to coordination requests;
- Being familiar with all tools used in satellites filing and being able to comfortably use them;
- Having an understanding on key WRC-15 outcome and their impact on current satellite
- Have an understanding of the current and future satellites communication technologies
and how they can be used to solve some continental communication issues.
The coordinator of the workshop and people who will facilitate the workshop:
- The workshop shall be coordinated by RURA in collaboration with EACO Secretariat.
- Two ITU experts shall facilitate the workshop:
o One to cover WRC-19 satellites issues, WRC-15 key outcomes and all satellite
issues in general;
o And another to cover satellite filing and coordination procedures on unplanned, AP
30/30A and AP 30B satellite networks and tools used in that procedure.
The workshop will take place from 12 to 16 March 2017 in Kigali.