The success story of Rwanda after coming out from genocide of 1994 to become one of the most s tabled and developing distinguished country in Africa. By Muawad M.Rashid and Neimat al Naiem 

(Neimat al Naiem - Photo: Alsir Mukhtar) –

In the context of its relations with the Diplomatic missions and organizations working in Sudan, Managing –Editor Muawad Mustafa Rashid and Neimat al Naiem senior reporter has paid a visit to his Excellency Shyaka Kajugiro Ismail Charge d’affaires of Rwanda to shed light on the success story of Rwanda after coming out from genocide of 1994 to become one of the most stabled and developing distinguished country in Africa, and in the context of its celebrations with the 23rd years of liberation . Rwanda that beautiful country, the land of a thousand hills situated in the East Africa with its tourist sites and natural resources. 
The Rwandan Charge d’affaires Shyaka who had been working in Sudan for last four years representing his country as Charge d’affaires briefed in a full text of an interview his impression about Sudan and the Sudanese people and the bilateral relations between the two countries.
Q: Your Excellency Shyaka, we congratulate you with the 23rd anniversary of liberation of Rwanda?
A: You are welcome at Rwanda Diplomatic Mission in Sudan; it is an opportunity to meet you, thank you for coming and conducting this interview, you are most welcome.
Q: Rwanda has succeeded a story of becoming one of the most stabled and developed country in Africa, it is our great pleasure to stand on this story, would you please brief us the success story of Rwanda after coming out from genocide of 1994 against Tutsi ?
A: Ya, thank you very much, especially to cover the 23rd anniversary of liberation. The story of success is along story to tell in just hours. You can imagine the long time, that dark history, the question itself is wide and very important, the history of genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda did not only take lives in Rwanda , it destroyed the whole system in Rwanda ,the infrastructures , everything was destroyed, so if you ask me the success from there , it could be a very long story .
What I can easily mention at first, is bringing back Life, after 1994 there was no life in our country, there was no stability and security everyone was afraid of his or her life. Now the whole country is witnessing the atmosphere of stability, particularly foreigners who live in Rwanda, tourists and Businessmen can be the best aye witnesses. Today people can move everywhere for the 24 hours freely and safe, themselves and their properties. That is something very important to say because security is the base of every development. So the country has invested much effort in making safe and secure environment for Rwandans and the visitors. Now I can say Rwanda is a living place.
Genocide was something rigid and horrible, how could you see your relatives killed?! You cannot move around. But with this degree of security and stability measures put in place, now people are free to move wherever they want. People who were involved in genocide and the victims and survivors of genocide now live in the same villages and do business together. 
Q: Who is behind that success?
A: I can just say that the visionary and committed leadership, which is strong enough to meet targets and goals, it has decided to be accountable to the citizens eager to make difference, economic development being in the centre. The leadership has put a vision 2020 as a milestone to measure the pace we accelerate in meeting our strategic plans and action plans in a given time frame. 
Second I can also say that Rwandan they are behind this success, because they have decided to take part in every step from the grass root levels to the decisions making platforms. Unlike the past regimes People during that time were scattered, discriminated and their role not recognized in the leadership system. Some were left as refugees out of the country for many years and those who remained inside the country had no opportunities put in place for citizens and the few opportunities found would be served on selective basis. 
Q: According to the Index of transparency which brought international – The Global Anti-Corruption Coalition –Rwanda is ranked 54 out of 167 states, would tell us the mechanism which brought Rwanda on top some European countries in this regard?
A: Rwanda government is ranked high strategy in combating corruption due to its putting in place some mechanisms for checks and balances. For an example:
- Accountability and Transparency in services: The government has been made everything clear to everybody the person who is asking service know the requirements and those people in office knows that people who come to them for services know the requirements. So this helps getting rid of abuse of office and abuse of powers. It has turned to be a culture emphasized by the leadership, where rights to service are well known by everybody and claimable once not served appropriately. Every person has the mentality to fight the corruption and people have been sensitized to ask their rights and even standing in their defense through prosecuting the one who deny giving the serves on unknown reasons.
- Zero tolerance to Corruption crimes: No body whoever is exempted from being questioned against the crime of corruption laws are strict to fight corruption by both sides from the giving party to the receiving party are equally condemned, investigated and prosecuted.
-* Establishment of Ombudsman Office: The government of Rwanda has established the office of Ombudsman in charge of fighting corruption, public finance embezzlement so there has put policies that enforce rule of law.
- Property Declaration: every leader elected or appointed to serve in a public office has to declare his / her property before entering office. This has helped people to get rid of corruption and point out any incitements to corruption.
Q: Would you please shed light on the educational system in Rwanda considering that your country is one of the three best worldwide in the low drop-out of schools? 
A: Ya, After the 1994 genocide, the education sector, as well as other sectors of national life, passed through an emergency situation during which the main objective was to reshape and try to restart the education system which had broken down.
NOW we have educational system for all people without discrimination, actually this was one of the factors among others that created reasons of taking arms to liberate the country from all forms of discrimination, hatred and ethnicity. Because prior genocide education was commissioned to some people selectively on basis of ethnic, region and religion. The government has provided policies that have created environment for everybody, following the successful implementation of the Nine Year Basic Education the Government of Rwanda put in place the twelve years basic education (12YBE) programme. 
So these twelve years of education are compulsory, every Rwandan has the right to attend twelve year education, and it is free to everyone and it is compulsory that everyone has to complete this section of education, parents themselves have obligatory responsibility to take their children to school, and their neighbor have responsibility to remind them to do so. 
Q: Rwanda as we know is a member in some regional and intentional organizations, your comment? 
A: It is not easy to recall all of them, but for example, EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY (EAC) which is composed of the six states including Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and recently S.Sudan joined.
Also Rwanda has signed tripartite agreement with Northern corridor states i.e. Uganda Kenya and Rwanda where heads of state moved the policy of free movement of their citizens crossing to another country with just National Identity and free entry visa for the benefit of the citizens.
Q: as we know Tourism is the main industry in Rwanda, What are the main industries and investments in Rwanda?
A: Ya, you are right, Tourism has earned much to our revenues, but of course we have good and quality Coffee and Tea on the world market standard , we have some few minerals and the best opportunities. We are now focusing on Made in Rwanda industry. We are emphasizing on establishment of simple like the computer devices assembling industry. 
Q: Your Excellency Shyaka, how long you have been here in Sudan?
A: Almost, I have been here in Sudan for last four years.
Q: How could find Sudan, your impression when you came first, the image about Sudan?
A: Ya, my impression about Sudan and Sudanese people. I can just answer you from what I have actually seen in Sudan, It is the desert you can imagine walking in the desert, and then you find people who don’t know you and even not interested in knowing your business, don’t want to know where you come from, but just receives you with some cold water to drink and dates. This simply shows hospitality of Sudanese people and also shows that they are generous and friendly, they don’t know who you are, and they don’t want to know where you come from? This is something that has touched me in Sudan. 
But I can give another example though very close to this, Sudan government has also been having its own problems and misunderstandings with oppositions, but I remember in 2014 when His Excellence President Bashir of Sudan initiated the National Dialogue, and called all the opposition parties those in government, registered and non registered even people who lift arms to fight the existing government he called come to Khartoum take part in the national dialogue conference and they were protected. This initiative of calling people to discuss national issues and the future of the country shows that people of Sudan are not enemies, they can agree the outcome of Dialogue or disagree even they can agree to disagree to each other, but the meeting on the same table for dialogue simply I can see Sudanese are friendly but they are not enemies to each other. 
Q: Are there any trade transactions or commercial relations between Sudan and Rwanda?
A: We have good bilateral relations with Sudan especially political and Sudanese are travelling to Rwanda we have there Sudanese owning their businesses others managing NGOs also Rwandans are making visits here but so far no specific businesses Rwandans have here, but to my view the doors are open. 
Q: We are now starting to promote for developing tourism in Sudan, how could benefit from Rwanda?
A: That is all right, yes, it is part of what we are doing , we are letting our people know that they can live here and we are making people aware that Sudan is safe , since I arrived here I have no body guard it is something to be communicated and let people know about it. 
Sudanese are welcome to Rwanda to learn a lot on tourism industry as we also learning many things from Sudan.
Q: Kigali, the capital was chosen as the most beautiful city in Africa by the UN in 2015, what is the secret?
A: Ya, The secret is vision, we have visionary leadership. Since 1994 till 2020, we had a vision of how Kigali would be viewed and seen. We had that vision called 2020 vision that is why I say it was the visionary leadership of the current President His Excellency Paul Kagame. And it is not improving the capital Kigali alone but also the wellbeing of the people. So the city of Kigali has been good because of the Infrastructure and good building but making the city clean is by also changing the mindset of the people, no person can just throw garbage on the street. No person can throw any garbage in the streets, there are dustbins put in place after every 50 meters to throw the rubbish in them. It is the culture of how to be clean and to keep the city clean. We have abolished plastic bags. We make the people smart themselves, and then the city becomes smartest and secret as I told you is the visionary leadership. 
Q: How could Rwanda facilitate investment procedures to encourage forego investors?
A: In Rwanda, they are laws in place from the constitution and there are laws protecting the investors and supporting them. For example like registering a business which I heard in other countries would take weeks and months but in Rwanda it just few hours to complete the investment procedures to register a new business. There is a one stop Centre everything is done there. So the legislation framework, the registration facilities, the closing of businesses, closure of requirements and other facilities such as working permits, settlement of disputes, transfer of funds, social economic zone facilitations a lot of things there favors investors, so it is the best place now to invest. The environment is conducive considering low crimes, considering corruption being zero tolerance, considering hospitality of the people.
Q: What specific massage you would like to give?
A: I think no specific it is general; just we want people to know about Rwanda, Rwanda is viewed especially on the foreign media tools as a place of genocide as a place of fighting, so we need people to know though this is our history we don’t want to be identified by that. There a lot of opportunities there, we have a good relation with other countries that is what we want people to know in general. 
Thank you very much for coming to our office and conducting this interview and we thank you for covering our event and you are most welcome.