One of the eight security forces agents suspected of assassinating General Adolph Nshimirimana, the former Intelligence Director close to Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza, escaped on Tuesday evening. Gildas Yihundimpundu

Lilongwe Court has adjourned for 21 days the case of Vincent Murekezi, a Rwandan genocide convict who faces extradition back to his home country to allow communication between Lilongwe and Kigali on removal process. By Mundango Nyirenda

“A group of Rwandan genocide suspects who sought refuge in this country are indeed meeting at Bintanga’s house and they have vowed to storm the Lilongwe High Court next Tuesday when Murekezi will be appearing for committal and disturb the court so that the extradition process is disrupted."  By Mundango Nyirenda

L’avocat du génocidaire Simbikangwa a tout fait pour éloigner les jurés de l’objectif qui leur avait été assigné en voulant politiser le procès. Par Alain Gauthier, président du CPCR.

Murekezi was arrested Thursday after Rwanda Prosecution spokesman Nkusi Faustin confirmed the 2009 request for the extradition. By Mphatso Nkhoma

Rwanda Prosecutor Faustin Nkusi confirmed that they have been asking Malawi for the extradition of Murekezi from 2009. “We are still hopeful Malawi government will corporate by repatriating Mr Murekezi.” By Green Muheya -Nyasa Times

Now that concerned citizens have petitioned parliament over the extradition of the Rwandan genocide suspect Vincent Murekezi, government should see the seriousness of the issue and act accordingly. Lowani Mtonga

All that Vatican has ever done for its crimes, is try and pin the blame outside and cleverly portray itself as not guilty; When it comes to 'apologising' for genocides, which it either directly instigated or facilitated through tactical support, Vatican is a conjurer adept in sleight of words and institutions. You are made to believe that Vatican has changed; that the Vatican has apologised but then you go through what has been actually said officially and by whom, and you realise that nothing has changed.. Aravindan Neelakandan