Representatives of two indigenous groups in Namibia, the Herero and Nama peoples, have filed a class-action lawsuit against Germany in New York. They are seeking reparations for what former colonial power Germany acknowledges was genocide committed by German colonial troops in the early 1900s.

The defence lawyer for Vincent Murekezi, a Rwandan genocide suspect in Malawi custody amid an on-going court battle for his extradition, has complained that the State has not furnished evidence of alleged crimes committed by his client.. By Alfred Chauwa

Two federal prosecutors from Iowa’s Northern District have received the prestigious SHIELD Award from the Anti-Defamation League for their successful prosecution of a Rwandan man who is accused of participating in that country’s genocide and who was found guilty of illegally entering the United States as a refugee. By Trish Mehaffey The Gazette

Pressure is mounting on the Mutharika administration to flush out more genocide suspects that the authorities in Rwanda say are hiding in this country. By Chimwemwe Mangazi

Le Rwanda est aujourd’hui bien connu. Hélas pas toujours en bien. En 1994, un million de personnes sont assassinées pour leur appartenance ethnique. Quel rôle les convictions y ont-elles joué ? La question est posée par Jean Mukimbiri

Le gouvernement du Rwanda et les rescapés du génocide contre les Tutsi demandent au nouveau Secrétaire général de l’ONU, de relever le Juge Theodor Meron de ses fonctions à la présidence du TPIR à cause de trop des clémentes à l’égard des auteurs qui ont orchestré ce génocide. 

Ferdinard Nahimana(left) and Catholic priest Father Emmanuel Rukundo (right) will walk out of prison gates before completing their sentences for Genocide crimes. There is shock in Rwanda. By KT

The petition that some concerned citizens delivered to Parliament on Rwandan genocide fugitive Vincent Murekezi has been referred back to Parliamentary Committees on Defence and Security and International Relations for further scrutiny and investigation before it can come back in the chamber for deliberation. By Mundango Nyirenda