African Parks will receive $65 million from the Wyss Foundation to bolster conservation efforts in Rwanda, Malawi, and beyond. By

Rwanda is to host an India Innovation Growth Programme for the East African region, according to an agreement signed between the two countries on Feb. 20 in Kigali. By Africa News

Rwanda hopes to begin hydrocarbons exploration shortly after discovering, in 2014, the Eastern Basin of Lake Kivu is favourable for oil and gas exploration. By The Exchange

L’impact dans le développement du Rwabda de « YouthConnekt » à l'initiative et l'encouragement du président Kagame, le PNUD s'est engagé à promouvoir et à soutenir son extension dans 14 pays africains dont le Congo. Par Parfait Wilfried Douniama

Depending on what you’ve read, drones are devastatingly effective weapons of war, the next big threat to personal privacy, a revolutionary leap in video technology, or hazardous toys capable of chopping your fingers off. By Consummer Reporter

Once seen as a problem to be disposed of, municipal liquid waste is now being eyed as an option for addressing water scarcity. Contact George Kourous

A programme to improve efficiency and sustainability along charcoal value chains in support of forest landscape restoration and rural livelihoods.

Andrew Rugege, director for Africa at the ITU, said that both natural and man-made disasters can be effectively controlled by the power of ICTs. Improved and sustainable in Africa holds the key to effective mitigation of disastrous effects of climate change across the continent. By Xinhua