A local technology company, Netcoms, has partnered Rwandan-based Telecoms Company Pascal Technology to roll out ICT and cashless business solutions in the country. Par Prince Sunduzani, Business Reporter

The companies signed a deal, which will mutually benefit the two parties and help them tap into more markets in Africa. In a statement, Pascal Tech chief executive, Mr Pascal Ndayizeye, said the agreement will help the companies to spread cashless business solutions across Africa.
“This system will help in making more efficient the cashless transaction and economy. The agreement will make it easier for us to integrate in the East Africa economy as much as it will for the Zimbabwean partners in their country and the region.
“People will be able to receive their cash transactions in any country because the system operates like an ATM,” he said.
The two tech companies are also said to be in a move to roll out a cashless payment system for the public transport sector and also provide for vehicles tracking in the country mid this month. Government has in the past called on businesses and consumers to embrace plastic money to ease pressure on hard cash as it had proven to be scarce in the market.