The World Health Organization(WHO) declared today on Wednesday that a new case of Ebola has been spotted in Uganda for the second time in a row. By Reuters

The first case of Ebola in Uganda had been declared by the World Health Organization recently and the efforts of the Uganda government with WHO curbed the spread of the disease.

As Reuters reports, a fishmonger vomited at Mpondwe market in Uganda on July 11 before dying of Ebola in Democratic Republic of Congo, an incident that could spread the disease in Uganda, the World Health Organization reported on Wednesday.

The area bordering Democratic Republic of Congo with Uganda is prone to be infected with this deadly virus.

A new case of Ebola was recently declared in the North Kivu city, Goma, which borders Rwanda. The latter has been working hard to stem the outbreak by sensitizing its citizens of the possible Ebola outbreak in Rwanda.

Rwanda has already issued a travel warning to its citizens traveling tonDRC in a bid to keep the Ebola outbreak at bay and not reach Rwanda territory.

Reuters added that WHO said in a report that about 590 fishmongers at the market in Uganda could be targeted for vaccination, and it had yet to establish the woman’s movements or who had transported her or her goods.

It should be noted that Uganda had been declared Ebola-free after the first incident of the virus on one Ugandan child national.