A team of Stanford researchers have created a program that uses only publicly available satellite imagery to cheaply and efficiently find poverty indicators.In Rwanda, program predicted average household wealth better than cell phone records. By Weston Williams

In the outskirts of Kigali city in Special Economic Zone, more than 200 young women and men are trained to master the drill command as well as learn the company rules and regulations. By Daniel Nzohabonimana

Israeli design and construction firms are boosting their push in Africa, as markets soften in their longtime Nigerian market due to the falloff in oil prices. By Engineering News Record

Le Rwanda peut atteindre l'autosuffisance alimentaire à l'horizon 2018, et pourra songer à l’exportation. Le train de la croissance du pays, en marche depuis près d’une décennie, ne s’arrêtera pas ! Par Anadolu Agence

According Ngali Holdings CEO Wilson Kagabo: “We want investors to feel that Rwanda is the perfect place to invest, and to project themselves on the long term,” in the interview with The Worldfolio.

EA nations are set to continue granting tax incentives to attract foreign investors despite research showing this is costing countries in the region nearly $2 billion annually. By Francis Kokutse

Part of the Heineken Group and partner of Coca-Cola, Bralirwa is the largest brewer and soft beverage company in Rwanda. Jonathan Hall discusses with Worldfolio on what’s in the company’s DNA and where is headed.

Le Rwanda a mis en œuvre des stratégies efficaces pouvant inspirer le Burkina Faso. Ce dernier s’investit de plus en plus dans le numérique.  Par Davy Soma