On 6th of December 2016, Ambassador Williams Nkurunziza hosted the “ Friends of Rwanda” Working dinner in Istanbul and was held at Hilton Bhosporus Hotel. Rwanda Embassy, Ankara

The participants that attended were Ms.Esra Cevahir Partner of Cevahir & Kozova, Mr. Ali Can Aksu Chairman of Turizoom, Mr. Abdullah Keskin Regional Coordinator of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), International Credit Department Director of Eximbank Mr. Koray Erden and other members of the Turkish Business Community
During the dinner, Ambassador Nkurunziza took the opportunity to update the Turkish Business Community of the transformation that is taking place in Rwanda and the opportunities that are available for Turkish Investors.
Ambassador Nkurunziza stated that “Rwanda is among the top three nations in Africa for ease of doing business following Mauritius and South Africa. Rwanda has one of the lowest crime and corruption rates on the continent. Rwanda has one of Africa’s fastest Internet connections, which allows you to remain effective in your communication. Kigali is most probably among the cleanest cities in Africa, if not in the world. Rwanda in the meanwhile has been identified by the World Bank (2015) as one of the world’s fastest growing economies Rwanda continues to march forward and is growing at around 8%.”
Ambassador Nkurunziza stated that in the newly released Global Competitive Index Rwandan moved up 6 points to 52

Mr. Latif Adalı the B& St Group stated “ As a construction company we are looking forward to investing in Rwanda after learning that Construction Permit time in Rwanda is 8 times faster than Turkey”
During the Working Dinner members of the Turkish Business Community had an opportunity to ask Questions about the Investment in Rwanda.
Ambassador Nkurunziza stated, “ I would like to invite the Turkish Business Community to Rwanda and to see first hand the opportunities taking place in numerous sectors in Rwanda” Mr. Aksu Chairman of Turizoom stated We would like to organize a Family Trip to Rwanda with the Tourism, Hotel and Media Sectors to see first hand the opportunities to present in Rwanda”