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ZIMBABWE – RWANDA : ARDA transformation excites Rwanda

Following the successful implementation of various programmes in Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector, Rwanda has expressed interest in learning from practical steps taken by the country to revolutionise its agriculture. By Precious Manomano.

Rwandan Agriculture and Animal Resources Minister Dr Iidephonse Musafiri said Zimbabwe will give guidance on the strategies which were used to turn around agricultural production at ARDA Estates and irrigation schemes so that they will replicate them in Rwanda.

Dr Musafiri was commenting after touring the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) headquarters on Tuesday where he applauded the parastatal for playing a significant role in improving the food security for the country.

« We came here in Zimbabwe to learn and exchange notes on how we can develop the sector within our two countries, Zimbabwe and Rwanda, » said Dr Musafiri.

« I was impressed by the work done by ARDA. It was impressive to learn how to ensure the food security of Zimbabwean people and make sure grains and other supplies are sent to the market and make sure people are food secure.

« I was also happy to see how they manage the irrigation schemes. It’s possible to learn from our fellow Africans on how to invest in technologies and in commercial business in agriculture and most importantly on how to make sure that our farmers are the centre of transformation. »

Dr Musafiri said Zimbabweans should also learn from Rwanda so that the two countries benefit from each other, thereby empowering and creating development.

ARDA chief executive officer Mr Tinotenda Mhiko said Zimbabwe was keen on growing its exports to Rwanda to create a positive economic growth momentum for the country’s trade sector.

He said there was an opportunity to export grain to Rwanda and to establish locally, the factories of plants like sugar to bridge the supply gap in Kigali for their sugar requirements.
« We are also pleased that the honourable minister was impressed by the programmes, » said Mr Mhiko. « We were invited to exchange notes and explore possibilities of replicating similar organisations in Rwanda to support their rural households.

« I was also impressed by rural development 8.0 programmes. »

Mr Mhiko said viable programmes were implemented in the sector with the other implementing agencies spearheading industrialisation, as the country unlocked agricultural development and industrialisation.

He added that viable, sustainable and profitable programmes consisting of a cocktail of interventions under the Rural Development 8.0 were implemented in the sector by ARDA, its parent Ministry and other implementing agencies spearheading industrialisation as the country unlocked the agricultural development and industrialisation.

The engagement and re-engagement exercise being undertaken by President Mnangagwa and his Government is meant to re-establish old relationships and cultivate new ones in the community of nations.

Since coming into power under the Second Republic in November 2017, President Mnangagwa and the Government embarked on a re-engagement and engagement drive with other countries to improve relations.

Be Forward

Rwanda is one of the many countries that have warmed up to Zimbabwe’s engagement policy, with the second session of the Joint Permanent Commission on Cooperation (JPCC) between the two countries being held this week in Harare.

Both countries said they were overwhelmed by the positive results attained by the JPCC since its inception two years ago.

The first session was held virtually, from March 16 to March 18, 2021 and memorandums of understanding were signed in the fields of diplomacy, trade and investment, justice and media, communication and publicity.

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