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RWANDA - UK: The Government of Rwanda distances self from “Led by Donkeys” story

According Yolande Makolo, the government spokesperson Rwanda is committed to the principle that every person - whether they’re Rwandan or from elsewhere - is treated equally, she said.

Makolo was reacting to a story published on Saturday, September 30, where a British company, Led by Donkeys, reportedly set up a fake Southeast Asian company, and approached Chelgate, a firm that has previously worked with the Rwandan government, to find clarity regarding investing in Rwanda.

That meeting which attracted various discussions in the context of bilateral relations between Rwanda and the UK, was organized in August and according to Makolo, there were several factual inaccuracies. The Rwandan High Commissioner to the UK, Johnston Busingye, was among people invited in the meeting.

According to the Rwanda spokesperson, Chelgate, the company owned by Terence Fane-Saunders, does not represent the Rwandan Government nor did they when the meeting took place. “We terminated our contract with Mr. Fane-Saunders’ company more than a year ago and the comments he made should be disregarded as they carry no weight,” she added.

Reacting to the broader issues covered in the story, Makolo highlighted that Rwanda is proud to work in partnership with the UK government to provide a solution. She said; “On the wider issues covered in the piece, the broken global migration system is failing to protect the vulnerable, and empowering criminal smuggling gangs at an immeasurable human cost.”

“There is nothing compassionate about allowing this situation to continue, which is why Rwanda is proud to work in partnership with the UK government to provide a solution.”

“Because of Rwanda’s recent history, our country has a deep connection to the plight of those seeking safety and opportunity in a new land. This has shaped Rwanda’s approach to migration and asylum issues, and it is why Rwanda is the right place to support those looking for sanctuary and opportunity.”

“This continues to be central to Rwanda’s reconstruction journey. Discrimination of any form is not tolerated here. This is enshrined in our constitution and upheld by our commitments to the rule of law.” She said.

Makolo added that the Migration and Economic Development Partnership, Rwanda and the UK operate from a position of mutual respect and open dialogue.

“The Rwandan High Commissioner to the UK plays an important role in maintaining our strong bilateral relationship with the United Kingdom as we collaborate productively across many areas, including migration.”

Author: MANZI


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